CInnaminson Harbour and Trash/Recycling Containers: Correct Times for Placement/Pickup

Denise Hurley-Forgach

Thomas J. Crehan
Tue 11/17/2020 12:39 PM
Good Afternoon, Cinnaminson Harbour Residents:

Recently, more residents in Cinnaminson Harbour Townhomes and Villa Homes are leaving their trash cans/recycling cans out longer than allowed.

Per Cinnaminson Harbour rules, you are permitted to put out trash or recycling cannisters no earlier than 7:00pm, the night before pick-up, and you must take them inside (your garage) no later than 7:00pm the day of pick-up.

These units are not allowed to be kept at the front of your garage door, the side of your home (if even feasible), or anywhere else outside your house. Anyone found not in compliance moving forward will be issued a $25.00 fine.

On behalf of our HOA Boards, we thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation so we can maintain the beauty with Cinnaminson Harbour.

Thomas J. Crehan, Community Manager
mem property management corporation
Phone: (856) 394-4085 ext. 3009