Pool bathrooms & trash updates

Erin Watson

Dear Residents,

We are kindly asking that all residents who attend the pool, clean up your area before leaving the pool. Please take your recyclables with you and dispose of them in your home recycling bin. You can also put recyclables in the recycle bins located on Isabela at the Clubhouse, inside of the trash enclosure.

Make sure goggles, flip flops, toys, etc. are all taken home with you when you leave the pool area.

When using the bathrooms, dry off before entering the building and please do not allow children inside of the bathrooms unattended. The recent bathroom conditions have been extremely unsanitary!

We do not have on-site staff to clean up after everyone and if not followed we will be forced to close the pool due to unsanitary conditions.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Erin Watson
Community Manager