Recycling Pick-Up 8/25/2021

Erin Watson

Cinnaminson Recycling is scheduled for pick-up Wednesday August 25th.


• Only recycling can be placed inside of your BLUE recycling can for pickup. If there is any trash inside of your blue recycling bin, they will NOT take it.
• Trach collection will NOT empty your BLUE can
• All trash must be INSIDE of your BLACK can for pickup as this is an automated process;
• Do NOT place Bulk Trash on the curb or driveway until Bulk Trash pick day;
• Place BOTH cans INSIDE your garage after pickup
If cans are NOT INSIDE of your garage; you will receive a violation from Property Mgmt.
• Trash & Recyling is NOT an HOA responsibility;
• Should you have a missed pickup, need additional cans or have questions, please contact Public Works.
The Customer Service number is 856-234-4000 for missed stops or information.