Spotted Lanternfly – They’re Here and Tips to Help!

Jeff Simon

Good Day, Cinnaminson Harbour Residents: I was fortunate recently to obtain informational tips on combatting the invasive spotted lanternfly. These pesky insects are popping up everywhere, and even the most effective pest control management is challenged to get rid of them.

Moving forward, read the following tips to help us all do our best to remediate this issue:


Based on numerous recent sightings of the Spotted Lanternfly, we have compiled the following information for our Homeowners at Montebello HOA..

New Jersey is doing its own work to slow the advance of the spotted lanternfly but as officials continue to receive calls about the exotic invasive insect, you’re also being asked to help — by killing them.

o In the USA, spotted lanternfly is an invasive species that could be very devastating to some New Jersey crops and hardwood trees.

o There are currently 8 Counties in NJ “under quarantine” for Spotted Lanternfly including Camden, Gloucester and Burlington in NJ. As a resident of one of these counties, you are asked to inspect your vehicle and personals belongings as you move out of the county for shopping/travel, etc. to ensure you have none of these “hitchhikers” attached to your vehicle or bags.

o The spotted lanternfly will begin laying egg masses in September. If you see an egg mass, on the tree bark, scrape it off, double bag it and then throw it away, the Department of Agriculture has said. The masses can also be destroyed by alcohol, bleach or hand sanitizer.

o The most effective trap for spotted lanternflies is a funnel-style trap, called a circle trap, which wraps around the trunks of trees. Spotted lanternfly nymphs and adults are guided into a container at the top of the funnel as they move upward to feed on the tree

o Other means of killing these unwanted insects:
Keep a spray bottle of insecticidal soap handy to spray lanternflies on contact. Penn State reports that the following soaps work:

Concern Insect Killing Soap C
Ortho Elementals Insecticidal Soap
Safer Insect-Killing-Soap

People also report success using a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and water. Some people add dish soap. If you mist the bugs instead of using a stream, you are more likely to coat them before they jump away.

Squash Them. Since they are good jumpers, any attempt to stomp them may prove futile. A flyswatter held directly over them and quickly swatting has been shown to be effective at keeping them from jumping and allowing you to squash them.

Thank you,

Tom Crehan
Regional Property Manager