Tennis Courts/Recreational Facilities Policy

Erin Watson

Dear Residents:

We want to re-iterate what the policies are with respect to our recreational facilities. There have been persistent inquiries by some residents who wish to use the tennis courts as a play area for their toddlers:

• The Tennis Courts are to be used for Tennis ONLY. Homeowners who utilize the Tennis Courts for activities other than Tennis will be subject to Violation Fines.
• The Tennis Courts are closed for the season. When they reopen in the Spring, tennis court keys are available to homeowners with a $25.00 deposit.
• There are two tot lots are open throughout the year, for children to play. One is by the pool, the other is between Fela Drive and Nathan Drive.
• As stated in your Master Deed, Article IX, page 31, section 9.01/A:
The Community Common Property shall be used on for the furnishings of the services and facilities for which it is reasonably intended and suited and which are incident to the use and occupancy of the Homes.

In addition, as a resident of Cinnaminson, please feel free to take advantage of our township’s recreational facilities.