Cinnaminson Harbour TOWNHOMES – 2021 HOA Monthly Maintenance Fees

Jeff Simon

Good Day, Cinnaminson Harbour Townhome Residents:

Please be advised you were initially sent a 2021 coupon booklet with a maintenance fee of $242.00 per month. The correct amount for the 2021 maintenance fees will be the same as 2020 which is $244.00 per month.

At this time, you will be sent an updated 2021 coupon booklet reflecting the maintenance fee of $244.00. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Payment methods for your monthly HOA maintenance fee may be performed as follows:

1.) Web Payment:, then select “Make Payment”

2.) Mail: Cinnaminson Harbour Townhomes, P. O. Box 105007, Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5007

If you have any billing questions, please do not hesitate to contact mem property management at:

Billing Department
Phone: (732) 296-6660, ext. 6050

Thank you!