Welcome to our website

Jeff Simon

Cinnaminson Harbour Neighbors! We’re excited to introduce our brand-new community website – access everything about Cinnaminson Harbour at www.CinnaminsonHarbour.com (or .net or .org). We’ll always be enhancing your experience, but we finally have one, easy to remember central location for all of our HOAs. When you drive into Cinnaminson Harbour, you go to Carriage Homes, Townhomes and Villas. Well, now you can do that on the website, too.

CinnaminsonHarbour.com is optimized for mobile devices, so you can access everything from your PC, phone and/or tablet.
Once you link over to the site, you’ll find our “community” information on the home page along with forms for clubhouse rental, our annual pool census, meeting minutes, etc.
Clicking on our Sailboat logo in the upper left always brings you back to the home page.
On the drop down or scroll down, you can access your individual HOA information. You’ll find similar information for the Townhome HOA along with links to Union Bank (use your existing log-ins), payment forms, meeting information, rules, etc.
Villa Homes and Carriage Homes, you can click on the MORE INFORMATION button and you’ll be directed to your current EPM website. Your HOA payments should be paid as normal. The Villa tab will be updated in early July when mem becomes your manager.

If you have a specific question or repair need, just click on the CONTACT HOA button at the top of the screen, complete the form and the Property Manager will receive your request directly. You will also get a copy of your inquiry. In addition, we’ve included all the mem Property contact information you’ll need at the bottom of the page.
Another great feature is the Community Chat, where much of the conversation that happens on FB can be conducted right on our monitored chat. Please respect your boards, manager and neighbors as this is set up to help you communicate with each other. Any time you have a specific query, just use the CONTACT HOA form. We’ll also be able to post updates from the manager here, so always check back.

Digital communications are very important to us and if you have not provided your current email, or need to change the one you use, just let us know via the CONTACT HOA form. The primary source of information going forward will be electronic, via email and/or website communications.